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Unlocks for Verizon, Sprint, Virgin, Boost, U.S. Cellular

Verizon, Sprint, Virgin, Boost and U.S. Cellular all use CDMA phones.  CDMA phones are typically only “UNLOCKED” for international travel because in most cases if there is some basic GSM compatible hardware and/or LTE technology in the phone, the GSM technology within CDMA phones is always blocked in the U.S. regardless of the unlock status.

The exception are the latest iPhones starting with the iPhone 5s or newer. ALWAYS check with your new carrier about compatibility before switching.

CDMA Phones are never (RARELY) compatible with other CDMA services unless they are “FLASHED” using a USB Cable.

We do not flash phones at, so we recommend going to a local cellular phone repair store for “flashing” if you are attempting to switch from one CDMA service to another CDMA service.

It is possible to “FLASH” most “ANDROID” and “WINDOWS” phones. However, it is not possible with iPhones without hacking / cracking or rooting, and then you’re stuck with an out-of-warranty iPhone that nobody will typically activate on their CDMA network.  So if you have a Sprint phone and you want to go to Virgin or Boost or US Cellular, then you’re just stuck, and vice-versa.

GSM phones (Such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket, MetroPCS) are NEVER compatible with CDMA network carriers. (Such as Verizon, Sprint, Virgin, Boost, U.S. Cellular) and CDMA phones are never (RARELY) compatible with any GSM carrier within the United States.  The phone (radio / antenna) technology is often not compatible, unlocked or not.

PLEASE NOTE: At, we are here to help you “UNLOCK” your GSM phone. However, we just can not be responsible if you are trying to use a phone service that is not compatible with your unlocked phone.

ARTICLE: Here’s a great explanation of CDMA vs. GSM.

Here’s a great video on CDMA vs. GSM

ATTENTION:  StraightTalk / TracFone CAN NOT be unlocked whether they are CDMA or GSM. However, you may have other options.