How to find the MetroPCS Device Unlock App on Your Phone | Release My Code

How to find the MetroPCS Device Unlock App on Your Phone

All MetroPCS phones sold after July 2015 require the pre-installed official MetroPCS Device Unlock App in order to successfully network unlock your phone.


Connect to Wi-Fi, and then follow this step by step tutorial for completing the unlock.


 That’s it! – Your phone is permanently unlocked!

Here is the text version of the instructions.

  • First, please connect to Wi-Fi.
  • Open the “device unlock” application (Found in Applications or Security)
  • Continue, and Click Permanent Unlock.
  • Unlock Approved! – Continue, by pressing Restart Now.
  • Congratulations! Your phone is unlocked and for use with any GSM compatible phone service carrier!
  • NOTE:  If the error is “server not responding” then you need to try later, or connect to an alternate internet service. For best results, use your home Wi-Fi so that you’re absolutely certain a firewall or other login is not preventing the connection. – See Troubleshooting Tips

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