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Payment Options

At Release My Code, we use one of the best and most secure merchant services in the world in order to provide you with a fast, secure and easy to use payment options.

You can pay with any Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card.  These can be either Debit or Credit.


In the United States, you are NOT REQUIRED to establish a Paypal Account.


  • Paypal will verify your billing address in order to help deter fraud. Be sure the billing address on your order matches your billing address for your debit or credit card.
  • Paypal will save your information and offer you a free account as an option, but you do not have to accept the account set up.
  • Likewise, Paypal will email you their own receipt.
  • Once you pay, you will be returned to Order Confirmation page, and you will get a receipt from SUPPORT@RELEASEMYCODE.COM
  • Please be sure to whitelist this email address, and also look in your promotions, spam or other folders.  Since the email is automated, it can get lost or blocked by your internet service.


PLEASE NOTE: In some situations, pre-paid cash-loaded cards are not excepted.

Here’s why, and how you can fix it.

Most merchant services for online transactions require that a card is connected to a verified billing address. This is due to U.S. federal law designed to help prevent money laundering and deter fraud.  Your pre-paid card will provide you an option to verify your billing address and then they will send you a permanent debit card by mail.

If Paypal still declines to take your payment, we are not able to override their decision. Likewise, we are not provided with a reason.  Most likely it has something to do with your billing address or anti-fraud measures put in place by Paypal.

Side Note: A PayPal account is not required, but it is certainly recommended. It will make your online purchasing much easier with businesses throughout the world, and their anti-fraud and problem resolution system is the best in the industry.