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Unlock Code for T-MOBILE Microsoft Lumia


This unlock is for most T-MOBILE Lumia phones. NOTE: Microsoft bought Nokia, and now brands Nokia Lumia Phones as Microsoft Lumia. Note: Typically 3 to 5 business days.

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Product Description

We are dedicated to helping you to successfully unlock your phone.

If you have any trouble at all, please contact our 24 hour live chat agents at: http://releasemycode.com

Our 24 hour live chat agents are trained to help you complete your unlock. If you still have trouble, they will create a support ticket.  And of course, you are always welcome to simply hit reply, and email us at: support@releasemycode.com


1. Switch ON your phone with a non accepted simcard
2. Phone will ask you to Enter Unlock Pin
3. Input the complete Unlock Code






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