Why is my Unlock for AT&T iPhone ON HOLD or REFUNDED? | Release My Code

Why is my Unlock for AT&T iPhone ON HOLD or REFUNDED?

Unfortunately, there are some instances where we absolutely must put an order ON HOLD.  This is typically done right before your order is set to be REFUNDED.

We understand that this is frustrating, and it is for us as well. We are not provided with a reason why your unlock was “not found,” however here are possible reasons and information about your refund.

Common Reasons for having an order placed ON HOLD or REFUNDED are:

  • The IMEI was not found.  Please make sure it is correct and let our LIVE CHAT know if it is not.
  • The IMEI was not “CLEAN” and the unlock was blocked by your original carrier. (AT&T)
  • The IMEI is not for an AT&T iPhone.  We’re sorry, but at this time we only unlock original AT&T iPhones.
  • The IMEI could be on a blacklist.  If your ATT iPhone has been “banned” for a broken contract, or is still under a “NEXT” contract, or has otherwise been reported lost or stolen, we will try to prevent the fulfillment since the unlock can not be finalized with iTunes within the U.S. or work with any U.S. phone carrier.

We are not making this determination, and we are not informed as to why a phone may not be “found.”

NOTE:  If you bought the device unopened “new” or “like new” on ebay, craigslist, or from someone in your community, it does not mean that you can unlock it.  In some cases, the person who sold it to you, or to them, may have reported the device lost, stolen, or it could currently be under a NEXT contract or under contract that has a balance due.


Once a REFUND is processed, it typically takes at 3 additional BUSINESS DAYS (outside of weekends and federal holidays) for the refund to show up in your bank account.  This is due to the logistics involved in getting the information to the merchant account, and then to the credit card system, and then to the corresponding bank, and then to your account.  In some cases it can take longer.  If you use PAYPAL, your credit should be within 1 day as a credit back to your PAYPAL account.